Atelier M+ is a Luxembourg and Sofia based architecture studio led by Arch. Kamelia Metodieva and Arch. Bilyana Belcheva

The aim of the studio is to reveal the limitless potential of design and create buildings and interiors that have lasting positive impact on people’s lives and the environment. Our greatest strength comes from our passion for being involved in creating buildings and designing spaces that could last for decades. We combine innovative thinking about functionality with respect to the traditions of everyday living. All that executed with contemporary touch and an artistic hint in a way that best correspond the needs and desires of the client.

We believe that each project is a whole new cosmos that has to be examined and comprehended with deep understanding, critical thinking and devotion. We are positive, determined with refreshing creative energy and eager to discover not only the potential of the spaces that we work on, but our personal inspirational limits, as well.

Welcome to Atelier M+!

Arch. Kamelia Metodieva / Arch. Bilyana Belcheva
…and team!