Interior and exterior solutions, reconstruction, and repair of premises and existing
buildings. Overall project management, coordination, and supervision of the design and construction process.


We create interior design solutions of all kind of living, working and public spaces.

We uncover the potential of each space and create beautiful realms that bring the experience of living and working on a whole new level.  As our mission is to create stylish interiors, that express your brand, or personality at its best.

Our moto is that no matter the size of the space or the budget available, each project has the capacity to be extraordinary.


We have experience in the design of residential, retail, office and mixed-use buildings that forms our expertise and comprehensive behavior to the process itself.

We are interested in finding architectural solutions that combine innovative and traditional building techniques, systems and materials and that are rigorously examining the physical, social, and environmental context.

Оur goal is to create designs that positively influence the psychological interaction of the individual with the surrounding environment. As our priority is the fulfillment of the needs and desires of the clients and the future residents.


In addition to architecture and interior design, Atelier M plus provides comprehensive project management.

You may choose to have your architect to stay on as full project manager of your

project. This is a wise decision as it will save you lots of time and give you comfort that your project will be finished on time and managed by professional who is expert in their field.

Kamelia and her team take personal care of every detail and step of the project.

Suppliers are carefully selected and supervised until the end of your project.